Do. One. Thing. 

A few weeks ago I decided to attempt blogging about depression, a topic that is often taboo in our society, and is often misunderstood. I got the site set up and then, I was stuck at how to begin. I wasn’t feeling motivated. Then, on May 15, my wonderful Airedale Terrier died unexpectedly. Skor was my constant companion and my emotional support animal at work, and often my long drive home in the dark. I miss her terribly. Skor was my inspiration for often just “doing one thing” over the past 7 and a half years. Sometimes my depression would be so debilitating that I could not get myself even out of bed. Most often, I would move to my bird window, and watch the birds. But then I realize that I needed to feed the birds if they were going to hang around for observation. Thus, was the beginning of my motto. Do. One. Thing. 

Some days you just have to do one thing which often will lead to another task, and another. My dog Skor was a good motivator because not only did she need to go outside and relieve herself, be fed every day, but also needed daily walks. Some days I didn’t feel like walking but I knew I had to. Even though I knew that I would feel better after I walked sometimes I just couldn’t get myself going. But Skor would remind me daily that we needed to go on a walk. She would get so excited and try to contain her excitement when she knew I was getting ready. Luckily, my employer, would allow me an extra few minutes on one of my breaks to make our regular walk. in the San Marcos neighborhood I work in. 

I have to decided  to dedicate this blog to Bigg Skor, a tenacious Airedale with a big heart and a lot of love. 

  •          Skittle’s Last Bigg Skor 7/12/09 – 5/15/17    This is the last photograph of Skor taken 5/12/17

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